Acura MDX Wipers

Impeccable Driver vision is one of the factors that is of utter importance when it comes to safe driving. It’s for this reason that Acura MDX wipers are specially designed to ensure that you have a clear vision. It goes without saying that we have all been affected by either snow, dirt or rain on our windscreen at one point or another. Clearing these elements can be a daunting task, especially if your Acura MDX wipers are worn out. While clearing dirt or bugs from your windscreen can be quite simple, you can be sure not to have clarity when driving if you continue using the same Acura MDX wipers.

So, if you see your wiper blades acting abnormally by leaving strands of dirt all across your windscreen, then its time you took a step to change them.

Acura MDX Wipers size chart


Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2016 26″ 20″ 14″
2015 26″ 20″ 14″
2014 26″ 20″ 14″
2013 26″ 21″ 12″
2012 26″ 21″ 12″
2011 26″ 21″ 12″
2010 26″ 21″ 12″
2009 26″ 21″ 12″
2008 26″ 21″ 12″
2007 26″ 21″ 12″
2006 24″ 21″ x
2005 24″ 21″ x
2004 24″ 21″ x
2003 24″ 21″ x
2002 24″ 21″ x
2001 24″ 21″ x

You should not worry about the perfect size windshield wipers size for your Acura MDX. We have a detailed guide to help you select the perfect fit for your Acura MDX model.

You can simply enter your Acura MDX year and engine model on the form below, and get specific details concerning the size of wiper blades that bet fit on your screen.

Acura MDX wipers types

Wiper blades basically clear any form of dirt, bugs or snow from your screen. It’s for this reason that they should remain clean, dry and in shape at all times.

Wiper blades are made up of different materials such as plastic, rubber, silicon or a mixture of any of the materials.

While wiper blades are meant to clean the windscreen, wiper frames are meant to strategically hold the blades along the windshield curvature.

Wiper frames come in two types; traditional metal frames and beam type frames. While traditional metal frames are quite affordable, they only perform to the fullest in areas with no freezing climates. On the other hand,  beam frames are highly adaptable to low winds but also perform perfectly in freezing climates. This is because they have been designed with no hinges thus eliminating the chances of getting stuck.

Silicone vs. rubber blades- which one should you choose?

When it comes to the best material to choose, silicone undoubtedly stands out. It has been made of top-notch technology with a silicone coating that makes the screen repellent to raindrops. So when raindrops hit the front and rear windscreen, you can be sure that they will gracefully slide off.

Since silicone blades are quite hard to come by- especially for any Acura MDX model, it becomes even harder for people to get their hands on one. The good news, however, is that we can offer you silicone blades that guarantee durability and high performance. This way, you can enjoy your ride through any weather condition smoothly and happily without any interference from windscreen chatter.

All this thanks to an impeccable aerodynamic design of the steel frames coupled with the latest advancement in rubber technology, you can remain assured that silicone wipers remain to be the better choice in any form of weather for your Acura MDX.

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