Can you drive without wipers?

A windshield wiper is a device fixed on motor vehicles to remove ice, rain, and snow from windshields. Most of the motor vehicles are fixed with this device, including cars, buses, trains, and others. The wiper is a legal requirement.

Wipers generally consist of a metal arm and a rubber blade, fixed to one another. The device is fixed to the car and powered by a motor, Programmed to swing back and forth. This runs the rubber blade over the glass screen clearing water which could obstruct the driver. The speed at which the wipers run over windshield in usually adjustable so as to be able to clear different water quantities.

While using windshield wipers, the driver might experience some challenges such as squeaking, this is noise produced by the windscreen. This noise can distract the driver and make it hard to concentrate while driving and could cause accidents.

One should replace their windshield wipers after a period of usage, usually 6 to 12 months, this will, however, depend on the material that they are made of, ordinary wipers last the shortest, halogen-hardened rubber last longer while silicon wipers have the longest lifespan of all.

The good part is that one does not have to replace the whole windshield wiper as most of them accept rubber refill. However, in a case where blade arms are bent, you will need to replace the whole wiper for proper functioning.

One might ask themselves whether they can drive a car without a windshield and if it is legal. Well, RCW 46.37.410, “Windshields required, exception-Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers.” This means that there should not be any opaque objects or stickers on your windshield. However, if your windscreen is not in use one can wear glasses, goggles or any other eye protection when driving.


Can you drive without wipers?

RCW 46.37.410 states that one can drive without a screen shield as have eye protection, this is the only time you can drive without wipers. Vehicles equipped with windscreens should have working wipers, “maintained in good working order.” It would be hard for one to see through a windshield when it’s raining and driving at a high speed. Therefore, this means that one cannot drive without windshield wipers.

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