Chevy Silverado Wipers

Just like other removable motor vehicle parts, Chevy Silverado wiper blades wear out with time and need regular replacement (after 6-9 months on average) to maintain efficiency and effectiveness and avoid windscreen damage.

There are different types of wiper blades available depending on the needs and the weather conditions:

Traditional Frame-style Wipers

It incorporates a metal framework which serves as the mount for the actual wiper. They are the most affordable, available and widely used.

Winter wipers

These wipers feature a traditional blade that is installed in a protective rubber shell.

Premium Beam-style Wipers

They get rid of the traditional framework featuring instead a one-piece design with minimal parts.

Common Wiper problems and Suggested Solutions

Chevy Silverado Wipers Size Chart

Year Front
2015 22″
2014 22″
2013 22″
2012 22″
2011 22″
2010 22″
2009 22″
2008 22″
2007 22″
2006 22″
2005 22″
2004 22″
2003 22″
2002 22″
2001 22″
2000 22″
1999 22″

Smearing Water

A common reason for this problem might be worn out blades. Otherwise, try cleaning the entire windshield thoroughly. Dirt and Grime also result in streaking and smearing. You can also try cleaning the wiper blades with warm soapy water.


Also, you need to look closely to make sure the wiper blades are not bent at any point as this may causes the chattering sound.

Chevy Silverado Wiper Types

The exact size to use when performing a replacement is not universal. Different Chevy’s have different wiper blade size requirements depending on the year of manufacture. Our website provides an in-depth look into the size requirements for the front passenger, front driver and rear wiper blades for your Chevy Silverado. Get the right sizes for your car browsing a user-friendly chart.

Our website has a very extensive and detailed database of which type and size of wiper blades must be used for the given Chevy model. You also need to pay particular attention to the year of manufacture of your Chevy Silverado to learn the right wiper size. For instance, a Chevy Silverado made in the year of 2005 requires a 22” size wiper for both the driver side and passenger side. You can also manually check the wiper blade size using a measuring tape. Lift the blade up away from the windshield. Press the blade so that it extends to become straight from its curved position. Measure the length from one end to the other and record the measurements in inches.

Silicon Vs Rubber Blades

Wiper blades made from silicone are of higher quality and offer better performance. Silicone blades use advanced technology to provide a variety of benefits that drivers simply don’t enjoy with traditional rubber blades. The traditional wipers tended to break away relatively fast in very cold or hot temperatures. Silicone wipers are less affected by the weather factors and usually last much longer. Silicone wipers are also environmentally friendly since they are biodegradable and fully recyclable.


Chevy Malibu Wipers

The mid-size sedan, the Chevy Malibu is a typical representative of a town car. Though this car is not meant to be compact.

One of the things that have been compactly designed is the windscreen wiper. You do not require rocket science knowledge to know that windscreen wipers play a crucial role in securing a clear view. You should make sure that the wipers paired on your Chevy Malibu have the ability to clear any form of snow, water, dust, and bugs.

Once you realize that your windscreen wipers are showing signs of failure or leaving massive streaks on your windscreen, then it’s time to look for a replacement.

Chevy Malibu Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Front
2015 24″ 19″ x
2014 24″ 19″ x
2013 24″ 19″ x
2012 24″ 21″ x
2011 24″ 21″ x
2010 24″ 21″ x
2009 24″ 21″ x
2008 22″ or 24″ 20″ or 21″ x
2007 22″ 20″ x
2006 22″ 20″ x
2005 22″ 20″ x
2004 22″ 20″ x
2003 22″ 19″ x
2002 22″ 19″ x
2001 22″ 19″ x
2000 22″ 19″ x
1999 22″ 19″ x
1998 22″ 19″ x
1997 22″ 19″ x
1983 x x 18″
1982 x x 18″
1981 x x 18″
1980 x x 18″
1979 x x 18″
1978 x x 18″
1977 x x 16″
1976 x x 16″
1975 x x 16″
1974 x x 16″
1973 x x 16″

So how to find the perfect windscreen wiper for your Chevy Malibu? We have a comprehensive guide just for you. This guide will explain how to get your hands on the best windscreen wipers that best fit your car and get you out of uncomfortable situations.

In the guide, you will find the instructions for changing windscreen wiper blades on your Chevy Malibu. Once you are well acquainted with the replacement instructions, you can start the process of selecting the best replacement in the market. Start by selecting a Chevy year of manufacture from the drop down below. We have taken the liberty to run down the precise blade connector that best fits your Chevy Malibu.

The form below will help you fill in the specific year of model manufacture and engine type for your Chevy Malibu.

To ease your search, we have compiled a Chevy Malibu wiper size chart, that may fit on any Chevy in the market today, with an aim of ensuring that you are guaranteed a clear windscreen while driving.

Chevy Malibu Wipers Types

Just like many other wiper blades in the market today, most, if not all Chevy Malibu wiper blades are either made of natural rubber, silicone or plastic. Some advanced blades are made of two or more compounds combined.

The blade is the part of the windscreen wiper that squeezes directly on the windscreen glass. It plays a crucial role in cleaning the windscreen while keeping it safe.

The wiper frame is crucial in handling the blade in place. Frames come in two basic types. The traditional metal frame which is cheaper and the beam type frame that performs well in any kind of weather.

Silicone vs. rubber

There are vast differences between silicone and rubber blades. However, silicone stands out due to its incredible features such as the activated silicone cover, that ensures the windscreen remains waterproof.

So, when raindrops fall on the screen, they gracefully slide away with ease. Additionally, the wipers have an aerodynamic design, which makes the wiper stick on the windscreen during high speeds.


Chevy Equinox Wipers

Being an SUV, the Chevy Equinox is built for difficult off-road terrain. All its parts, including windscreen

The wiper frame, on the other hand, is essential for holding the blades in place in order to perform wipers, endure the harshest of conditions. After all, off-road driving comes with an array of challenges while driving including dust, mud or even bugs.

Bugs can cause irrevocable damage to your windscreen and make it smudgy. Your wipers should be able to clear this with a single spray of water and gel.

Once your windscreen fails to clean such dirt, it’s time to change your wiper. This means that your wiper blades are worn out and require a replacement. Failure to change will pose a grave danger that may lead to accidents.

Chevy Equinox wipers size chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2015 24″ 17″ x
2014 24″ 17″ x
2013 24″ 17″ x
2012 24″ 17″ x
2011 24″ 17″ x
2010 24″ 17″ x
2009 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2008 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2007 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2006 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2005 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″

Getting the precise wiper size for your windscreen is of utter importance. However, due to different Chevy models in the markets, getting the specific specs can be a boring task.

Even so, you should have no worries. We have a comprehensive Chevy Equinox wiper blades replacement guide to help you in picking the correct fit for your windscreen.

You will benefit from the step-by-step instructions on how to successfully change your Chevy Equinox wiper blades. You can simply start by selecting the year of manufacture for your Chevy Equinox model below. We have further tailored specific wiper blades that will perfectly fit your Chevy Equinox.

Once you have identified the year of manufacture, you can go ahead to use the fitment for your Chevy.

The Chevy Equinox wiper size chart is aimed at aimed at providing an easy fit to any Chevy in a bid to ensure a joyful drive.

Chevy Equinox Wipers Types

Generally, wiper blades are made from a number of materials including plastic, silicon, and natural rubber. The blade is by far the most important part of a wiper. It is the part that scrubs dirt, snow, bugs, dust and any other from the surface of the windscreen. The blade should always remain pliable while maintaining a perfectly functioning edge.

effectively. Because of the frame, the blade is able to operate through the entire windscreen’s curvature with ease.

When looking to choose the perfect wiper frame for your Chevy Equinox, try to select beam type frame. Unlike metal frames, beam frames perform well in extreme weather conditions.

Silicone vs. Rubber Blades

It goes without saying that the new technology used to create silicone blades is outstanding. Being covered with an activated silicone, the blades are able to make the windshield water repellent and dry. Additionally, due to its aerodynamic design, silicone blades move quicker. Silicone blade wipers surely outperform rubber in every way.


Chevy Cruze Wipers

Dynamic and compact by design, you would expect a Chevy Cruze to have windshield wipers complementing the car features.

Windscreen wipers play a vital role. I guess at some point you have been in a situation where a small bug got spattered all over your windscreen. Usually, a quick spray of the wiper fluid and a wipe will do the trick. But what happens if your Chevy Cruze wiper is worn out?

Well, you may find it difficult to clear off dirt or even small debris such as a bug. This can be dangerous and if not solved quickly. In the worst case, you may completely lose vision due to the smudge.

According to recent statistics, close to 23% of all accidents in the US are caused due to unclear vision in bad weather. Consequently, worn out blades won’t be able to perform effectively in stormy weather, so you risk getting into an accident.

So if your Chevy Cruze wiper blades are acting up, it’s time to take charge and hit the market for a replacement.

Chevy Cruze Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side
2015 24″ 18″
2014 24″ 18″
2013 24″ 18″
2012 24″ 18″
2011 24″ 18″

Picking windshield wipers that best fit your vehicle can be a tricky task. You should not worry though. We have a compilation of incredible tips on our replacement guide to aid you through any difficult decision.

You will get a step-by-step guide on how you can replace wiper blades on your Chevy Cruze. To start off, simply select the year of production for your Chevy Cruze. In our guide, you will get specific, detailed information on all the specs required for your Chevy Cruze.

To get an instant description, select the year of manufacture and type of engine for your Chevy Cruze.

Our Chevy Cruze Wiper size chart spells out specifications that will fit any model in the market and ensure they remain durable and safe.

Chevy Cruze Wiper Types

The market is thronged with an array of windscreen wiper brands specifically produced for Chevy Cruze. However, the wiper blades are all made of either plastic, silicone or natural rubber. This is the part of a wiper that presses against the windscreen to clear off any dirt, snow or water. For this reason, it’s important that it should be kept soft and in good condition always.

Wiper frames hold the blades in place. They are either made of plastic or traditional metal. Beam type frames come highly recommended because they are durable and work well in all weather.

Silicone vs. rubber blades

When it comes to making a choice, Silicone blades surely stand out. It comes with high-end technology in the form of activated silicone. Apart from its aerodynamic form, silicone blades are water repellant thus ensuring that your windscreen remains waterproof and always dry.

Additionally, silicone blades are quite durable and perform better when compared to rubber counterparts. You will be able to experience smoother, quieter and ample ride with silicone blades without squeaking sounds.


Chevy Cobalt Wipers

Chevy Cobalt windshield wipers have been built to not only endure the roughest of the weather conditions but to guarantee effectiveness too. The wipers have been engineered and built with clear knowledge of disastrous situations such as heavy rains and snow conditions in mind.

The wipers play a crucial part in cleaning any splatter on your windshield from a bug. You won’t be able to do that if your wiper blades are out of shape, damaged or worn out.

While you won’t see the effects immediately, continuous use of worn out wiper blades will ultimately mare your vision through the windscreen. This is quite dangerous and can cause accidents.

So if you experience unclear vision or your Chevy Cobalt wiper fail to clear simple dirt or bugs, it’s definitely time to install a new pair.

Chevy Cobalt Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side
2010 22″ 17″
2009 22″ 17″
2008 22″ 17″
2007 22″ 17″
2006 22″ 17″
2005 22″ 17″

Got stuck with a windscreen wipers replacement? We will walk you through the process of replacing and installing your Chevy Cobalt wiper.

You will get clear instructions on how to successfully change your wiper blades. All you need to do is select the Cobalt year below. We have a specifically tailored wiper blades chart for  Chevy Cobalt model.

By filling the exact year of manufacture and type of engine, you will be able to get specific dimensions for perfect wiper blades.

We have a detailed compilation of Chevy Cobalt wiper size chart that will fit any Chevy model.

Chevy Cobalt Wiper Types

The wiper blade is basically the part of the windshield wiper that comes in contact with your windshield while clearing off water, snow or any other debris. There are various materials used to make a formidable wiper blade. The most used are natural rubber, silicone, plastic or a mixture of the same. Since the blade rubs through the delicate windscreen, it’s of utter essence that it remains soft and non-defective.

While the blade is responsible for cleaning the windscreen, the wiper frame holds the blade in place.

Wiper frames come with metal or beam frames. Metal frames are cheap and crated for extreme weather conditions while beam wiper frames are expensive and designed for all seasons.

Silicone vs. rubber blades

Silicone blades come with an activated coating which makes the windscreen resistant to any water hitting against the windscreen. Additionally, the aerodynamic design makes the wiper blades move faster at a higher speed.


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