Chevy Silverado Wipers

Just like other removable motor vehicle parts, Chevy Silverado wiper blades wear out with time and need regular replacement (after 6-9 months on average) to maintain efficiency and effectiveness and avoid windscreen damage. There are different types of wiper blades available depending on the needs and the weather conditions: Traditional Frame-style Wipers It incorporates a … Докладніше

Chevy Malibu Wipers

The mid-size sedan, the Chevy Malibu is a typical representative of a town car. Though this car is not meant to be compact. One of the things that have been compactly designed is the windscreen wiper. You do not require rocket science knowledge to know that windscreen wipers play a crucial role in securing a … Докладніше

Chevy Equinox Wipers

Being an SUV, the Chevy Equinox is built for difficult off-road terrain. All its parts, including windscreen The wiper frame, on the other hand, is essential for holding the blades in place in order to perform wipers, endure the harshest of conditions. After all, off-road driving comes with an array of challenges while driving including … Докладніше

Chevy Cruze Wipers

Dynamic and compact by design, you would expect a Chevy Cruze to have windshield wipers complementing the car features. Windscreen wipers play a vital role. I guess at some point you have been in a situation where a small bug got spattered all over your windscreen. Usually, a quick spray of the wiper fluid and … Докладніше

Chevy Cobalt Wipers

Chevy Cobalt windshield wipers have been built to not only endure the roughest of the weather conditions but to guarantee effectiveness too. The wipers have been engineered and built with clear knowledge of disastrous situations such as heavy rains and snow conditions in mind. The wipers play a crucial part in cleaning any splatter on … Докладніше