Who invented windshield wipers? Wipers History

Mary Anderson actually hails from the South where vehicles were not that common at the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, she was not the one that was likely to discover the windshield wiper that automobiles use so extensively at present. The fact that she ended up filing her patent even before Henry Ford began to manufacture vehicles further accentuated this notion. However, it was really unfortunate that she was unable to take any advantage of the financial benefits because of her astounding discovery which she made while she was alive, and she does not find a prominent place in the automobile history whatsoever.

Early Life of Mary Anderson

Besides the date and the location of the birth of Mary Anderson (she arrived in this world in Alabama in the year 1866), her life is actually a controversial one – in fact, none knows for sure who her parents were or what were their professions, for instance – till around the year 1889, when Mary assisted in building the Fairmont Apartments on Highland Avenue in Birmingham. Amongst the other detours of Mary Anderson, a span of time she spent in the city of Fresno in California, where she was engaged in running a cattle ranch as well as vineyard till 1898 deserves special mention.

We believe that Mary inherited a large property from of one her aunts around the year 1900. She ended up venturing out to New York City with the ambition of making use of this huge sum of money in the midst of the cold winter months in the year 1903.

The “Window Cleaning Tool”

Mary Anderson got some innovative idea during her tour of the New York City. She was commuting by car on the street while it was snowing and she noticed the agonizing behavior of the driver of the vehicle who was likewise feeling cold as well. He applied all types of tricks to combat this problem like sticking his head out of the car’s window and halting in the middle of the journey for cleaning the windshield only to see where he was actually driving. Mary came back to Alabama when the trip was over and she tried to solve the problem she witnessed in New York. She ended up designing a windshield blade which would link itself to the car’s interior thus enabling the driver to control the wiper of the windshield without even coming out of the vehicle.

She received the prestigious U.S. Patent No. 743,801 for her extraordinary invention which aided in removing ice, snow, or sleet from the vehicles’ windows effectively. Unfortunately, no one was much interested in her concept that time. She approached quite a few companies which included a Canadian manufacturing firm that did not show any interest in her because of an absence of demand. Being frustrated, she did not push the product anymore and her patent ceased to exist after 14 years of the contract in 1920. That time, there was a huge demand for windshield wipers on the market; and Anderson permitted businessmen and other corporations to gain access to her initial conception.

Mary Anderson breathed her last in the city of Birmingham in the year 1953 when she was 87 years of age.


Can you drive without wipers?

A windshield wiper is a device fixed on motor vehicles to remove ice, rain, and snow from windshields. Most of the motor vehicles are fixed with this device, including cars, buses, trains, and others. The wiper is a legal requirement.

Wipers generally consist of a metal arm and a rubber blade, fixed to one another. The device is fixed to the car and powered by a motor, Programmed to swing back and forth. This runs the rubber blade over the glass screen clearing water which could obstruct the driver. The speed at which the wipers run over windshield in usually adjustable so as to be able to clear different water quantities.

While using windshield wipers, the driver might experience some challenges such as squeaking, this is noise produced by the windscreen. This noise can distract the driver and make it hard to concentrate while driving and could cause accidents.

One should replace their windshield wipers after a period of usage, usually 6 to 12 months, this will, however, depend on the material that they are made of, ordinary wipers last the shortest, halogen-hardened rubber last longer while silicon wipers have the longest lifespan of all.

The good part is that one does not have to replace the whole windshield wiper as most of them accept rubber refill. However, in a case where blade arms are bent, you will need to replace the whole wiper for proper functioning.

One might ask themselves whether they can drive a car without a windshield and if it is legal. Well, RCW 46.37.410, “Windshields required, exception-Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers.” This means that there should not be any opaque objects or stickers on your windshield. However, if your windscreen is not in use one can wear glasses, goggles or any other eye protection when driving.


Can you drive without wipers?

RCW 46.37.410 states that one can drive without a screen shield as have eye protection, this is the only time you can drive without wipers. Vehicles equipped with windscreens should have working wipers, “maintained in good working order.” It would be hard for one to see through a windshield when it’s raining and driving at a high speed. Therefore, this means that one cannot drive without windshield wipers.


How do I know when I need new windshield wipers?

How do I know I need new windshield wipers? Is a common question among many car owners. The above factors will guide you when it comes to replacing your windshield wipers. Ensure you put them into consideration.

Windshield wipers are essential to any kind of vehicle. They come in handy during rainy seasons. In such instance, windshield wipers will wipe away any water droplets on your windscreen to ensure you get a better view of where you are driving to. As a result, possibilities of your causing an accident due to having a poor view before you are minimized.

But, how do I know when I need new windshield wipers?

As you know, windshield wipers need to be intact and functional in order to carry out their work. Replacing with new ones is one of the ways to ensure you have functional windshield wipers. Here are some of the ways which will help you in answering the question.

Formation of streaks

Quality and still functional windshield wipers are able to clear any dirt, snow and rain droplets on your windshield without forming streaks. It will give you a better view through your windscreen on where you are headed to. When the windshield wipers start forming streaks, then it is time to get new ones. You need to the replacement them as early as possible to avoid further intense damage. You will have to endure with a poor view if you do not replace your windshield wipers as soon as possible. The aged and dysfunctional windshield wipers will not get rid of dirt or snow as expected.

Get Noisy

Old windshield wipers will get rid of any snow or dirt from your windshield causing some noise. This noise is not only irritating but might also cause further needless damage to your windshield. You can avoid that by buying new windshield wipers. The new ones will clear dirt, snow, and rain without causing any noise. Ensure you inspect your windshield wipers quite often. Do any necessary repairs in good time to avoid any possible damage in the future. So for me, how do I know when I need new windshield wipers? I will listen for any noise coming from the wipers as they clean my car’s windshield

When the windshield wipers rubber comes off

When the windshield wipers rubber comes off, you will obviously notice a slapping effect on your windshield. You should replace your windshield repairs as quickly as possible. You will be able to avoid any unnecessary damages to your windscreen. In addition, you will get to enjoy a better view as a result of the new windshield wipers. The new wipers will get rid of rain droplets, dirt and snow without any problem.Inspect your windshield wipers often. If you find out that the windshield wipers rubbers have come off, replace them with new ones as soon as possible. It is very important to have a better view of where you are headed to. New windshield wipers will ensure you enjoy that.


Top 4 Ways To Prevent Your Windshield Wipers From Snow

Winter weather can always be interesting especially for people who love ice skating, snowboarding or even sledding on the ice tracks, but wait until you want to travel and your cannot even have a clear view on the road due to ice and snow formation on your windshield. You do all you can to clear the snow from the windscreen but takes no time to fill up again and again.This is the point when you realize that they was no fun at all in sporting in the winter weather. If you are wondering on the kind of tricks to consider to deal with the situation then this guide will be perfect for you as it tries to briefly discuss the various ways you would consider in protecting your windshield wipers from snow.

Below are some of the top ways on how to keep off snow from your windshield wipers

1. Defrosting the windshield wipers

Your car must have the defrosting feature and at this point, you definitely have to use it. You will have to spare some time to let the windshield and also the wipers warm up as the snow and ice melt down to give you a clear vied on the road. This could be the most effective way to handle the situation but you will have to be patient.

2. Use of wiper blade covers

When parking your car during the winter weather then you have to be careful in how you leave your windshield wipers. Ice and snow will easily form on the wipers when your car is not in any motion and you therefore need to use some blade covers to prevent the snow form up. You can make use of an old pair of socks or even some clothings just to make sure that the snow will not get in touch with the blades.

3. Make use of an heated windshield fluid

Usually, your car is packed with a wind shield water to clean the windshield. This fluid therefore can be heated using the car battery and hence making it easier to clean the ice or snow from the wipers. You need not to be afraid of any damages as the various manufactures have proved this particular method very effective.

4. Use some rubbing alcohol

This is a very simple procedure and it can as well be effective of you perfectly implemented it. All you need to do is to soak some piece of soft cloth in a rubbing cloth. You can then use the cloth to wipe your windshield wipers. However this trick is not used in most instances as it does not take long before the alcohol can evaporate. You need to know that you are not alone in this kind of a situation and you definitely need to do all you can to handle the situation.

Consider the above tips useful when trying to protect your wipers from snow. However, your safety comes first and you need to get new wipers if you do not succeed in getting the old ones in operation.


How Do You Keep Windshield Wipers from Squeaking?

Possibly the most annoying noise a car can make is when the windshield wipers squeak. It’s usually not a serious problem, but even loud music can’t always mask the squeak. Which is a good thing. Once in a while, something important is wrong.Are Your Windshield and Wipers Clean?The solution to many problems is not letting them arise in the first place. It is true with windshield wipers as well. Think about what the wipers are required to do.

They have to remove everything that the windshield runs into.

Squeaking is normally caused by:

  • Accumulation of dirt thus rubbing against the glass producing a rough sound.
  • Poor assembling of the wiper, wipers should be assembled in a way that they do not allow air to enter between the windshield and the wiper. This could cause squeaking.
  • Tear and wear due to long-term exploitation, under-usage might as well brittle the blade hence squeaking.
  • Imperfection in manufacturing, any defects in either of the wiper parts might lead to squeaking.

You can, however, stop or prevent squeaking by:

  • Always keep the windshield clean
  • Replace the wiper blade refills regularly, you can do this each year as it’s a cheap maintenance
  • Keep windshield wiper fluid at the appropriate level.
  • Keep windscreen wiper blades soft
  • Ensure that the wiper frame is properly fixed not to be so loose or tight.
  • Replace worn-out wipers.

Your car probably drives through all kinds of stuff: rain, sleet, snow, fog, small stones, mud. It all ends up on the windshield, and the wipers have to remove it all.You should clean your windshield and wipers at least once a week. Use ammonia-free glass cleaner on the windshield with a microfiber cloth or squeegee. You can clean the blades with the glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or soapy water. Remember to lift up the wiper blades to clean all sides and the slots they rest in.

Does the Squeak Happen After You Apply Rain Repellant?

here are several products on the market to repel rain from the windshield. These products work by spraying a very fine coating of wax on the glass. That wax may make your wipers squeak. If so, you need to remove the repellent to remove the squeak.

Note: Even if the wax doesn’t make your wipers squeak, it is another reason to clean your wipers weekly.When Was the Last Time You Looked at Your Wiper Blades?Wiper blades wear out, regardless of where you live. The sun dries them out if the rain and snow don’t wear them out. Examine your wipers every six months. (The lifespan is usually six to twelve months.) You need to replace them if they are worn out, dried out, the edges are torn, or if you can’t get them clean. It’s a good idea to replace them once a year regardless of how they appear. When they wear out, they don’t hit the windshield evenly. The result is streaking and squeaking.Fortunately, it’s easy to replace your wipers.

The automotive departments of large stores sell them. If you don’t know what type to buy, it should be in the owner’s manual. Otherwise, there is a booklet at most stores. They will slide or snap into place.Has it Been Dry in Your Area Recently?If you are using the wipers to remove dust or other debris from your windshield, the glass may dry. The wipers will squeak as they move across it. It’s easy enough to squirt some washer fluid on the glass to stop the squeaking. The point here is to make sure you have fluid to squirt. Check the level once in a while and top it off to make sure you’re never left with a dry, dirty windshield and squeaky wipers.Tried All the Simple Fixes and Still Have a Squeak?It’s time to look at the screws. Take a look at how the wiper assembly (the part that attaches the wipers to the car) is fastened. Temperature changes or a buildup of ice and/or debris can cause the screws to loosen. Clean the surface and tighten the screws. The noise should disappear.


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