Toyota FJ Cruiser Wipers

Toyota FJ Cruiser, a retro style, mid-sized SUV, was initially introduced as a concept car but after positive consumer feedback was approved for mass production.

Owing to the fact that the vehicle is an off-road SUV, it is bound to get bugs, dirt, and grime all over its windscreen.

You, therefore, need a reliable set of wiper blades to get the job done. Defective and worn out wiper blades may fail to ensure clear visibility through your windscreen resulting in a smudged look.

And if the transport statistics are anything to go by,  23% of all automobile accidents in the U.S relate to weather conditions. So faulty wiper blades rank third among the mechanical issues for vehicle accidents.

We can never overemphasize the need for effective and efficient wiper blades.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Wiper Size Charts

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Front Center
2014 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2013 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2012 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2011 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2010 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2009 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2008 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″
2007 16″ 13″ or 14″ 13″ 13″ or 14″

Our website elaborated a detailed guide with instructions for replacing your FJ cruiser wiper blades. Select your vehicle generation group or year of manufacture to get the exact size recommendations.

Go further and use the fitment form to select the engine type for the FJ Cruiser. We have a very detailed database on our website on virtually any car model and make and the exact wiper blade sizes recommended by the respective manufacturers.

Silicon Vs Rubber Blades

It is common knowledge that wiper blades get damaged and worn out after prolonged use. Silicone blades are an improved technology from the traditional rubber blades as they are of considerably higher quality and offer better performance.

Traditional rubber blades get worn out or deteriorate immensely under extreme weather conditions such as too hot temperatures or too cold temperatures.

They often get stiff and dry after exposure to these extremities. Environmentalists or drivers who are just conscious about the environment prefer silicone wiper blades because the silicone is biodegradable, not a petroleum-based product.

However, it is very important and worth noting that regardless of the type of wiper blades you use you will still need to replace them every 6-9 months on regular basis.

Impact of Weather Conditions

Toyota FJ cruisers are subject to a lot of ware and tare, especially from extreme weather conditions. Some of these extremities include:

Hot weather and Sunlight

The constant expansion and contraction of the wiper blades make them brittle and weak. As results cracks might start appearing.


Plenty of precipitation especially rain might cause the metal parts to rust and become weak.


When formed at the wiper joints, ice might cause uneven expansion and contraction hence leading to warping and even breakages.

Choose the right type of wiper blades that are specifically suited for the environmental conditions you will be driving in. Don’t be that driver who will be trying to clear a pile of ice and snow from his windscreen using the traditional wiper blades that are lightweight and don’t have the ability to handle a huge load of ice and snow.


Toyota Corolla Wipers

Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars worldwide. In order to accurately determine the exact size of the wiper blades for Toyota Corolla, you have to know to the exact year of manufacture. On our website, you will be able to find the size requirements for replacing the front passenger, front driver and rear wiper blades.

Toyota Corolla Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Front Rear
2015 26″ 16″ x x
2014 26″ 16″ x x
2013 26″ 16″ x x
2012 26″ 16″ x x
2011 26″ 16″ x x
2010 26″ 16″ x x
2009 26″ 16″ x x
2008 24″ 18″ x x
2007 24″ 18″ x x
2006 24″ 18″ x x
2005 24″ 18″ x x
2004 24″ 18″ x x
2003 24″ 18″ x x
2002 24″ 18″ x x
2001 20″ 18″ x x
2000 20″ 18″ x x
1999 20″ 18″ x x
1998 20″ 18″ x x
1997 20″ 18″ x x
1996 20″ 18″ x x
1995 20″ 18″ x x
1994 20″ 18″ x x
1993 20″ 18″ x x
1992 x x x 13″
1991 x x x 13″
1990 x x x 13″
1989 x x x 13″
1988 x x x 13″
1987 x x x 13″
1977 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1976 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1975 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1974 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1973 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1972 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1971 x x 14″ or 15″ 13″ or 14″
1970 x x 13″ or 14″ 13″ or 14″
1969 x x 13″ or 14″ 13″ or 14″
1968 x x 13″ or 14″ 13″ or 14″

Replacement Procedure

Once you have identified the exact size required in inches you should go ahead and prepare to install the new blades.


Most of the Toyota wiper blades are held in place by a tiny clip. Press against this clip up towards the arm and push the old blades outwards. After the old wiper blades have been set free from the arm you can proceed to push them all the way out.

Position the New Blade

Align the new blades so that its hook has direct contact with an attachment on the arm. Once you have done that proceed to lock the blade in place until you hear a click sound and that’s what signifies that it has successfully locked into position. Now repeat this entire process with the remaining passenger side and the rear window wiper blades.

How to pick suitable wipers for certain weather conditions?

Knowledge and the technical know-how on which wiper blades types are suited for your vehicle is part of being a responsible vehicle owner.

You need to be wary of your surrounding environment so as to determine the best-suited wiper blades to meet the unique conditions.

On our website, you will find invaluable information on which blades are appropriate for your budget and environmental characteristics. We normally advise our readers that your wiper needs to withstand the harshest climatic conditions.

The market offers a very diverse tailor-made wiper blades.

Winter blades

They are very long lasting, easy to install, have a dual rubber lining, and offer great window curvatures. Also very resistant to extreme climatic conditions, have extensive compatibility, and sizing. The only disadvantage is the price.

Rainy Weather

They are very quiet and long-lasting, most come with a standard full year warranty, they are corrosion resistant. Smoothly gliding over the screen, they have a specially treated silicone blade. On the flip side, their main demerits are the high price. Maybe challenging to install and the bracket wiper shape is very bad for winter seasons.

Like with all other car brands the Toyota Corolla wipers are also faced with a myriad of challenges like streaking, chattering and smearing water. These problems are always most certainly caused by worn out blades that are literally crying out to be replaced. Thoroughly washing the wiper blades and windscreen can also solve these issues only after identifying the problem is not caused by worn out blades.


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