Chevy Cobalt windshield wipers have been built to not only endure the roughest of the weather conditions but to guarantee effectiveness too. The wipers have been engineered and built with clear knowledge of disastrous situations such as heavy rains and snow conditions in mind.

The wipers play a crucial part in cleaning any splatter on your windshield from a bug. You won’t be able to do that if your wiper blades are out of shape, damaged or worn out.

While you won’t see the effects immediately, continuous use of worn out wiper blades will ultimately mare your vision through the windscreen. This is quite dangerous and can cause accidents.

So if you experience unclear vision or your Chevy Cobalt wiper fail to clear simple dirt or bugs, it’s definitely time to install a new pair.

Chevy Cobalt Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side
2010 22″ 17″
2009 22″ 17″
2008 22″ 17″
2007 22″ 17″
2006 22″ 17″
2005 22″ 17″

Got stuck with a windscreen wipers replacement? We will walk you through the process of replacing and installing your Chevy Cobalt wiper.

You will get clear instructions on how to successfully change your wiper blades. All you need to do is select the Cobalt year below. We have a specifically tailored wiper blades chart for  Chevy Cobalt model.

By filling the exact year of manufacture and type of engine, you will be able to get specific dimensions for perfect wiper blades.

We have a detailed compilation of Chevy Cobalt wiper size chart that will fit any Chevy model.

Chevy Cobalt Wiper Types

The wiper blade is basically the part of the windshield wiper that comes in contact with your windshield while clearing off water, snow or any other debris. There are various materials used to make a formidable wiper blade. The most used are natural rubber, silicone, plastic or a mixture of the same. Since the blade rubs through the delicate windscreen, it’s of utter essence that it remains soft and non-defective.

While the blade is responsible for cleaning the windscreen, the wiper frame holds the blade in place.

Wiper frames come with metal or beam frames. Metal frames are cheap and crated for extreme weather conditions while beam wiper frames are expensive and designed for all seasons.

Silicone vs. rubber blades

Silicone blades come with an activated coating which makes the windscreen resistant to any water hitting against the windscreen. Additionally, the aerodynamic design makes the wiper blades move faster at a higher speed.