Dynamic and compact by design, you would expect a Chevy Cruze to have windshield wipers complementing the car features.

Windscreen wipers play a vital role. I guess at some point you have been in a situation where a small bug got spattered all over your windscreen. Usually, a quick spray of the wiper fluid and a wipe will do the trick. But what happens if your Chevy Cruze wiper is worn out?

Well, you may find it difficult to clear off dirt or even small debris such as a bug. This can be dangerous and if not solved quickly. In the worst case, you may completely lose vision due to the smudge.

According to recent statistics, close to 23% of all accidents in the US are caused due to unclear vision in bad weather. Consequently, worn out blades won’t be able to perform effectively in stormy weather, so you risk getting into an accident.

So if your Chevy Cruze wiper blades are acting up, it’s time to take charge and hit the market for a replacement.

Chevy Cruze Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side
2015 24″ 18″
2014 24″ 18″
2013 24″ 18″
2012 24″ 18″
2011 24″ 18″

Picking windshield wipers that best fit your vehicle can be a tricky task. You should not worry though. We have a compilation of incredible tips on our replacement guide to aid you through any difficult decision.

You will get a step-by-step guide on how you can replace wiper blades on your Chevy Cruze. To start off, simply select the year of production for your Chevy Cruze. In our guide, you will get specific, detailed information on all the specs required for your Chevy Cruze.

To get an instant description, select the year of manufacture and type of engine for your Chevy Cruze.

Our Chevy Cruze Wiper size chart spells out specifications that will fit any model in the market and ensure they remain durable and safe.

Chevy Cruze Wiper Types

The market is thronged with an array of windscreen wiper brands specifically produced for Chevy Cruze. However, the wiper blades are all made of either plastic, silicone or natural rubber. This is the part of a wiper that presses against the windscreen to clear off any dirt, snow or water. For this reason, it’s important that it should be kept soft and in good condition always.

Wiper frames hold the blades in place. They are either made of plastic or traditional metal. Beam type frames come highly recommended because they are durable and work well in all weather.

Silicone vs. rubber blades

When it comes to making a choice, Silicone blades surely stand out. It comes with high-end technology in the form of activated silicone. Apart from its aerodynamic form, silicone blades are water repellant thus ensuring that your windscreen remains waterproof and always dry.

Additionally, silicone blades are quite durable and perform better when compared to rubber counterparts. You will be able to experience smoother, quieter and ample ride with silicone blades without squeaking sounds.