Being an SUV, the Chevy Equinox is built for difficult off-road terrain. All its parts, including windscreen

The wiper frame, on the other hand, is essential for holding the blades in place in order to perform wipers, endure the harshest of conditions. After all, off-road driving comes with an array of challenges while driving including dust, mud or even bugs.

Bugs can cause irrevocable damage to your windscreen and make it smudgy. Your wipers should be able to clear this with a single spray of water and gel.

Once your windscreen fails to clean such dirt, it’s time to change your wiper. This means that your wiper blades are worn out and require a replacement. Failure to change will pose a grave danger that may lead to accidents.

Chevy Equinox wipers size chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2015 24″ 17″ x
2014 24″ 17″ x
2013 24″ 17″ x
2012 24″ 17″ x
2011 24″ 17″ x
2010 24″ 17″ x
2009 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2008 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2007 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2006 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″
2005 24″ 19″ 14″ or 15″

Getting the precise wiper size for your windscreen is of utter importance. However, due to different Chevy models in the markets, getting the specific specs can be a boring task.

Even so, you should have no worries. We have a comprehensive Chevy Equinox wiper blades replacement guide to help you in picking the correct fit for your windscreen.

You will benefit from the step-by-step instructions on how to successfully change your Chevy Equinox wiper blades. You can simply start by selecting the year of manufacture for your Chevy Equinox model below. We have further tailored specific wiper blades that will perfectly fit your Chevy Equinox.

Once you have identified the year of manufacture, you can go ahead to use the fitment for your Chevy.

The Chevy Equinox wiper size chart is aimed at aimed at providing an easy fit to any Chevy in a bid to ensure a joyful drive.

Chevy Equinox Wipers Types

Generally, wiper blades are made from a number of materials including plastic, silicon, and natural rubber. The blade is by far the most important part of a wiper. It is the part that scrubs dirt, snow, bugs, dust and any other from the surface of the windscreen. The blade should always remain pliable while maintaining a perfectly functioning edge.

effectively. Because of the frame, the blade is able to operate through the entire windscreen’s curvature with ease.

When looking to choose the perfect wiper frame for your Chevy Equinox, try to select beam type frame. Unlike metal frames, beam frames perform well in extreme weather conditions.

Silicone vs. Rubber Blades

It goes without saying that the new technology used to create silicone blades is outstanding. Being covered with an activated silicone, the blades are able to make the windshield water repellent and dry. Additionally, due to its aerodynamic design, silicone blades move quicker. Silicone blade wipers surely outperform rubber in every way.