The mid-size sedan, the Chevy Malibu is a typical representative of a town car. Though this car is not meant to be compact.

One of the things that have been compactly designed is the windscreen wiper. You do not require rocket science knowledge to know that windscreen wipers play a crucial role in securing a clear view. You should make sure that the wipers paired on your Chevy Malibu have the ability to clear any form of snow, water, dust, and bugs.

Once you realize that your windscreen wipers are showing signs of failure or leaving massive streaks on your windscreen, then it’s time to look for a replacement.

Chevy Malibu Wipers Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Front
2015 24″ 19″ x
2014 24″ 19″ x
2013 24″ 19″ x
2012 24″ 21″ x
2011 24″ 21″ x
2010 24″ 21″ x
2009 24″ 21″ x
2008 22″ or 24″ 20″ or 21″ x
2007 22″ 20″ x
2006 22″ 20″ x
2005 22″ 20″ x
2004 22″ 20″ x
2003 22″ 19″ x
2002 22″ 19″ x
2001 22″ 19″ x
2000 22″ 19″ x
1999 22″ 19″ x
1998 22″ 19″ x
1997 22″ 19″ x
1983 x x 18″
1982 x x 18″
1981 x x 18″
1980 x x 18″
1979 x x 18″
1978 x x 18″
1977 x x 16″
1976 x x 16″
1975 x x 16″
1974 x x 16″
1973 x x 16″

So how to find the perfect windscreen wiper for your Chevy Malibu? We have a comprehensive guide just for you. This guide will explain how to get your hands on the best windscreen wipers that best fit your car and get you out of uncomfortable situations.

In the guide, you will find the instructions for changing windscreen wiper blades on your Chevy Malibu. Once you are well acquainted with the replacement instructions, you can start the process of selecting the best replacement in the market. Start by selecting a Chevy year of manufacture from the drop down below. We have taken the liberty to run down the precise blade connector that best fits your Chevy Malibu.

The form below will help you fill in the specific year of model manufacture and engine type for your Chevy Malibu.

To ease your search, we have compiled a Chevy Malibu wiper size chart, that may fit on any Chevy in the market today, with an aim of ensuring that you are guaranteed a clear windscreen while driving.

Chevy Malibu Wipers Types

Just like many other wiper blades in the market today, most, if not all Chevy Malibu wiper blades are either made of natural rubber, silicone or plastic. Some advanced blades are made of two or more compounds combined.

The blade is the part of the windscreen wiper that squeezes directly on the windscreen glass. It plays a crucial role in cleaning the windscreen while keeping it safe.

The wiper frame is crucial in handling the blade in place. Frames come in two basic types. The traditional metal frame which is cheaper and the beam type frame that performs well in any kind of weather.

Silicone vs. rubber

There are vast differences between silicone and rubber blades. However, silicone stands out due to its incredible features such as the activated silicone cover, that ensures the windscreen remains waterproof.

So, when raindrops fall on the screen, they gracefully slide away with ease. Additionally, the wipers have an aerodynamic design, which makes the wiper stick on the windscreen during high speeds.