Just like other removable motor vehicle parts, Chevy Silverado wiper blades wear out with time and need regular replacement (after 6-9 months on average) to maintain efficiency and effectiveness and avoid windscreen damage.

There are different types of wiper blades available depending on the needs and the weather conditions:

Traditional Frame-style Wipers

It incorporates a metal framework which serves as the mount for the actual wiper. They are the most affordable, available and widely used.

Winter wipers

These wipers feature a traditional blade that is installed in a protective rubber shell.

Premium Beam-style Wipers

They get rid of the traditional framework featuring instead a one-piece design with minimal parts.

Common Wiper problems and Suggested Solutions

Chevy Silverado Wipers Size Chart

Year Front
2015 22″
2014 22″
2013 22″
2012 22″
2011 22″
2010 22″
2009 22″
2008 22″
2007 22″
2006 22″
2005 22″
2004 22″
2003 22″
2002 22″
2001 22″
2000 22″
1999 22″

Smearing Water

A common reason for this problem might be worn out blades. Otherwise, try cleaning the entire windshield thoroughly. Dirt and Grime also result in streaking and smearing. You can also try cleaning the wiper blades with warm soapy water.


Also, you need to look closely to make sure the wiper blades are not bent at any point as this may causes the chattering sound.

Chevy Silverado Wiper Types

The exact size to use when performing a replacement is not universal. Different Chevy’s have different wiper blade size requirements depending on the year of manufacture. Our website provides an in-depth look into the size requirements for the front passenger, front driver and rear wiper blades for your Chevy Silverado. Get the right sizes for your car browsing a user-friendly chart.

Our website has a very extensive and detailed database of which type and size of wiper blades must be used for the given Chevy model. You also need to pay particular attention to the year of manufacture of your Chevy Silverado to learn the right wiper size. For instance, a Chevy Silverado made in the year of 2005 requires a 22” size wiper for both the driver side and passenger side. You can also manually check the wiper blade size using a measuring tape. Lift the blade up away from the windshield. Press the blade so that it extends to become straight from its curved position. Measure the length from one end to the other and record the measurements in inches.

Silicon Vs Rubber Blades

Wiper blades made from silicone are of higher quality and offer better performance. Silicone blades use advanced technology to provide a variety of benefits that drivers simply don’t enjoy with traditional rubber blades. The traditional wipers tended to break away relatively fast in very cold or hot temperatures. Silicone wipers are less affected by the weather factors and usually last much longer. Silicone wipers are also environmentally friendly since they are biodegradable and fully recyclable.