Dodge Ram 1500 Wiper

This full-size pickup truck is a very popular vehicle in the North America. Our website offers an updated Dodge Ram 1500 wiper size chart  that will avail to you information about the exact size for your Dodge Ram wipers by the year of production. So all you need is the car generation of your Dodge.

It is also worth noting that you can manually measure the size of your wiper blades using a measuring tape. This is a fairly simple process all you have to do is to lift the wiper arm away from the car’s windscreen. Once you have done this you then proceed to straighten out the wiper arm to eliminate the curvature. You can then measure the length of the wiper blade from one end to the other in inches.

Dodge Ram 1500 Wiper Size Chart

Year Front
2010 22″
2009 22″
2008 24″
2007 24″
2006 24″
2005 24″
2004 24″
2003 24″
2002 24″
2001 20″
2000 20″
1999 20″
1998 20″
1997 20″
1996 20″
1995 20″
1994 20″

Replacement of Your Wipers

Let’s assume that you have identified that you need to replace your wipers and have already established the exact replacement sizes.

Prepare for Replacement

You should always start on the driver’s side of your Dodge. Push against the tiny clip that usually holds the wiper blades in place and start sliding it down the arm of the wiper.

Disconnect the Old Blade

Once you have completely freed the blade from the hook, the blade will now be free and can be easily taken completely off.

Position the new Blade

Align the new blade so that it is directly over the wiper attachment. The hook will now go over this attachment and lock the arm into position. You should be able to hear a distinct sound once everything is done correctly. Repeat this entire procedure with the passenger side and the rear window wiper blades.

Wiper Blades for the Winter Season

North American, drivers especially those from the far North, feel the impact of extreme weather conditions. Wiper blades that did the trick during the summer may not necessarily match up to the task during the winter season.

Dodge Ram drivers need this kind of specialized wipers that are specifically designed to protect flexing motion against ice or snow. They are normally encased in a rubber sleeve. They are also designed not to rip or tear as temperatures drastically drop below the freezing point.

They are well equipped to shift around heavy loads of snow and ice without much trouble.

Common Dodge 1500 Wiper Problems

Unless you don’t want to get caught driving blindly down a major highway in the middle of a thunderstorm, we suggest you read on. These are some of the most common wiper problems and their suggested solutions.

Smearing in Both Directions

The problem could be caused by worn out blades, dirt or grime on your windshield or wiper blade or a sub-par windshield fluid. The solutions can be either of the following. Replace the worn out wiper blades, try to use brand new wiper fluids or simply just thoroughly wash your windscreen and wiper blades with warm soapy water.


This basically means that the water drops on your windscreen aren’t being wiped away efficiently. It could be caused by a build-up of oil or wax or the wiper arm may be bent. To assess whether the blade is bent examine the wiper blade when it’s halfway across its stroke. Make sure it’s making full contact with the windscreen. If not, the blade is bent and requires some tweaking. Another common cause of chattering is frozen windows. Just give it some time to warm up and everything should work fine.

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