How Do You Keep Windshield Wipers from Squeaking?

Possibly the most annoying noise a car can make is when the windshield wipers squeak. It’s usually not a serious problem, but even loud music can’t always mask the squeak. Which is a good thing. Once in a while, something important is wrong.Are Your Windshield and Wipers Clean?The solution to many problems is not letting them arise in the first place. It is true with windshield wipers as well. Think about what the wipers are required to do.

They have to remove everything that the windshield runs into.

Squeaking is normally caused by:

  • Accumulation of dirt thus rubbing against the glass producing a rough sound.
  • Poor assembling of the wiper, wipers should be assembled in a way that they do not allow air to enter between the windshield and the wiper. This could cause squeaking.
  • Tear and wear due to long-term exploitation, under-usage might as well brittle the blade hence squeaking.
  • Imperfection in manufacturing, any defects in either of the wiper parts might lead to squeaking.

You can, however, stop or prevent squeaking by:

  • Always keep the windshield clean
  • Replace the wiper blade refills regularly, you can do this each year as it’s a cheap maintenance
  • Keep windshield wiper fluid at the appropriate level.
  • Keep windscreen wiper blades soft
  • Ensure that the wiper frame is properly fixed not to be so loose or tight.
  • Replace worn-out wipers.

Your car probably drives through all kinds of stuff: rain, sleet, snow, fog, small stones, mud. It all ends up on the windshield, and the wipers have to remove it all.You should clean your windshield and wipers at least once a week. Use ammonia-free glass cleaner on the windshield with a microfiber cloth or squeegee. You can clean the blades with the glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or soapy water. Remember to lift up the wiper blades to clean all sides and the slots they rest in.

Does the Squeak Happen After You Apply Rain Repellant?

here are several products on the market to repel rain from the windshield. These products work by spraying a very fine coating of wax on the glass. That wax may make your wipers squeak. If so, you need to remove the repellent to remove the squeak.

Note: Even if the wax doesn’t make your wipers squeak, it is another reason to clean your wipers weekly.When Was the Last Time You Looked at Your Wiper Blades?Wiper blades wear out, regardless of where you live. The sun dries them out if the rain and snow don’t wear them out. Examine your wipers every six months. (The lifespan is usually six to twelve months.) You need to replace them if they are worn out, dried out, the edges are torn, or if you can’t get them clean. It’s a good idea to replace them once a year regardless of how they appear. When they wear out, they don’t hit the windshield evenly. The result is streaking and squeaking.Fortunately, it’s easy to replace your wipers.

The automotive departments of large stores sell them. If you don’t know what type to buy, it should be in the owner’s manual. Otherwise, there is a booklet at most stores. They will slide or snap into place.Has it Been Dry in Your Area Recently?If you are using the wipers to remove dust or other debris from your windshield, the glass may dry. The wipers will squeak as they move across it. It’s easy enough to squirt some washer fluid on the glass to stop the squeaking. The point here is to make sure you have fluid to squirt. Check the level once in a while and top it off to make sure you’re never left with a dry, dirty windshield and squeaky wipers.Tried All the Simple Fixes and Still Have a Squeak?It’s time to look at the screws. Take a look at how the wiper assembly (the part that attaches the wipers to the car) is fastened. Temperature changes or a buildup of ice and/or debris can cause the screws to loosen. Clean the surface and tighten the screws. The noise should disappear.

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