One of the most popular compact vehicles on the road today, the Focus offers exhilarating driving experience at a fraction of the cost of sports cars. To fully exploit its abilities in every type of weather, you will need a good set of wiper blades for the windshield and the back window (where applicable). In this text you can read everything there is to know about wiper blades – size, types and step-by-step how to replace guide.

Ford Focus Wiper Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2015 28″ or 29″ 28″ or 29″ x
2014 28″ or 29″ 28″ or 29″ x
2013 28″ or 29″ 28″ or 29″ x
2012 28″ or 29″ 28″ or 29″ x
2011 22″ 19″ x
2010 22″ 19″ x
2009 22″ 19″ x
2008 22″ 19″ x
2007 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2006 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2005 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2004 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2003 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2002 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2001 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″
2000 22″ 19″ 10″ or 14″ or 15″

What Size Windshield Wipers do I Need for Ford Explorer?

The Ford Focus is now over two decades old and in its fourth generation. Due to changes in the design through the years and different dimensions of the front windshield, the wiper blade size also changed. That’s why it is extremely important to check what size of wiper blades your Focus has, as not all model years are created equal.

You can find the length of your wiper blades in the owner’s manual, or you can also measure with a measuring tape. The easiest way is to check on our website – we have information about all Focus models.

Different Types of Wiper Blades

There are several different types of wiper blades available on the market right now, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Whatever the wiper blade you choose, it should at least successfully remove water from the windshield, but also snow, dirt, bugs, and road grime, with the help of washer fluid.

  • Frame-Style – these are the most common style on the market and have been staple in the automotive industry since they were first invented. They work great in most conditions, but may suffer at higher-speeds due to aerodynamics lifting them up;
  • Beam-Style – modern vehicles are often equipped with these wiper blades. They are mostly made from one piece of rubber or silicone and work great at higher speeds. They are also more durable than frame-style wiper blades, but more expensive as well;
  • Winter wiper blades – these come with additional rubber shell that helps in removing snow from the windshield;
  • Heated wiper blades – best for areas with very cold winters, they can melt ice and snow residue for better performance in freezing temperatures.

Some manufacturers offer proprietary technologies that they claim improve their performance, but their price is also higher.

How to Replace the Wipers on Ford Explorer?

Replacing the wiper blades on the Ford Focus is a very easy task, but if you haven’t done this before, it’s best to check all the steps needed to do that:

  • Turn your vehicle to “ON” but with the engine off. Turn on the wipers. When they reach their most vertical position, turn your vehicle completely off;
  • Pull the wipers up until they stay firmly in place vertically;
  • The wipers on the Focus are held in place by two small wings in front of a tab. To remove the wiper, push the back of the wiper down if you have OEM wipers, or the front if they are aftermarket. The blade should easily pop-out;
  • Install the new wiper by pushing toward the tab until it clicks in place;
  • Repeat with all other wipers.