The Ford Escape is one of the most popular compact crossovers on the market due to its excellent dynamics, spacious interior and refined drive. This combination of qualities makes it the perfect compact vehicle for long road trips with everyone on board.

That said, for maximum safety on those long trips, you need to ensure that everything is in order. Like the wipers for example. The wiper blades are often neglected by drivers, even though they are probably the most important thing for safety. If the wipers are no good, your eyes are no good. In order to keep your visibility in check, read on to find out about everything there is to know about wipers for Ford Escape.

Ford Escape Wiper Size Charts

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Front Rear
2015 28″ 28″ x 11″
2014 28″ 28″ x 11″
2013 28″ 28″ x 11″
2012 x x 20″ 12″
2011 x x 20″ 12″
2010 x x 20″ 12″
2009 x x 20″ 12″
2008 x x 20″ 12″
2007 20″ 18″ x 10″
2006 20″ 18″ x 10″
2005 20″ 18″ x 10″
2004 20″ 18″ 19″ 10″
2003 x x 19″ 10″
2002 x x 19″ 10″
2001 x x 19″ 10″


What Size Windshield Wipers do I Need for Ford Escape?

All vehicles come with wipers in a variety of sizes, so does the Ford Escape through the years. In order to fully exploit your new wipers, it is recommended that they are the same size as the OEM ones. But how do you know what size of wipers your Escape has? The obvious way is to measure them from one end to another or to check in the owner’s manual.

Or you can try the easiest way – check on our website! We have information on wiper blades for all vehicles, including the Ford Escape. Just be sure that you know the model year and you’re good to go.

Different Types of Wiper Blades

A good wiper blade must be able to successfully remove rain, snow, dirt, bugs and road grime from the windshield, with the help of a windshield cleaning fluid of course. However, there are several different wiper blade types available that work better in some conditions:

  • Frame-Style – these wipers have a halogen-hardened rubber and squeegees. They work admirably in most conditions and are the most common on the market;
  • Beam-Style – made from one piece of rubber or silicone, the beam-style wipers are better at removing contaminants and generally last longer. However, they cost more than frame-style wipers;
  • Snow wiper blades – equipped with additional rubber shell that keeps the rubber pliable in the winter;
  • Heated wiper blades – these use heat to defrost the blade in cold temperatures and work best in the winter.
  • Some manufacturers nowadays offer high-tech wipers with different blade design for even more successful removal of dirt, bugs and road grime, but they tend to be expensive.

How to Replace the Wipers on Ford Escape?

Changing the wipers on the Ford Escape is usually a simple task, but some people still have difficulties doing this. If you’re one of them, please follow the instructions below (applicable to drivers’ side and passengers side wipers and the rear wiper):

  • Turn your vehicle to “ON”, but with the engine still off;
  • Turn on the wipers. When they’re vertically set, immediately turn off your vehicle;
  • Exit your vehicle and go to the front. Pull the wipers towards the front of the Escape until you feel resistance. Your wiper should be in service position now;
  • Turn the blade (rubber part) at an angle from the wiper arm (metal part);
  • Squeeze the lock pin on the blades and then slide the blade out of the wiper arm until it is fully out;
  • Take the new wiper blade and install it on the same channel where the older one was. After the wiper blade is set into place (fits the full length of the arm), pull the tab through the bottom of the arm so the blade stays in place.