The Ford Ranger may have fallen out of favor in North America in the past several years (though a completely new model is back on the market), but owners still love its aggressive looks, excellent utility, and impressive off-road abilities.

While the mechanics for great traction in off-road conditions certainly do their job just fine, another very important aspect for that kind of driving is functional wipers. Here we will talk about everything there is to know about new wiper blades for your Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Wiper Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2011 18″ 18″
2010 18″ 18″
2009 18″ 18″
2008 18″ 18″
2007 18″ 18″
2006 18″ 18″
2005 18″ 18″
2004 18″ 18″
2003 18″ 18″
2002 18″ 18″
2001 18″ 18″
2000 18″ 18″
1999 18″ 18″
1998 18″ 18″
1997 18″ 18″
1996 18″ 18″
1995 18″ 18″
1994 18″ 18″
1993 18″ 18″
1992 18″ 18″
1991 18″ 18″
1990 18″ 18″
1989 18″ 18″
1988 18″ 18″
1987 18″ 18″
1986 18″ 18″
1985 18″ 18″
1984 18″ 18″
1983 18″ 18″

What Size Windshield Wipers do I Need for Ford Ranger?

It is of paramount importance that you replace your worn out wipers with new blades with the same dimensions. By doing that, you’ll ensure that they work properly and clean the windshield thoroughly.

In order to find the right dimensions, you can measure them with a measuring tape, or even better, check in the owner’s manual. The easiest way to check the dimensions of the blades on your Ford Ranger is to check on our website. Just be sure that you know the model year of your vehicle, and you are good to go.

Different Types of Wiper Blades

There are a lot of different wiper blades available on the market right now, which makes the task of choosing a good pair a bit difficult. That said, every wiper blade should be able to successfully clean your windshield from water, and some contaminants like bugs and dirt. However, some types of wiper blades do the job better than others. In order to fully understand all these types, you can check the most popular designs down below:

  • Frame-Style – these are the most popular choice due to their low price and easy fitment on most vehicles. Their design is unchanged from the first wiper blades, but still good enough for most people, especially for cleaning water and contaminants. However, they are not as effective at higher speeds;
  • Beam-Style – made from one piece of rubber or silicone, these wiper blades clean the windshield even better than frame-style blades and are much more effective at higher speeds due to their aerodynamic design. However, they are more expensive as well;
  • Winter wiper blades – equipped with additional rubber shell, these blades work much better at lower temperatures and when it’s snowing;
  • Heated wiper blades – the best option for areas with chilling winters, but their price is higher. Installation is also much more difficult.

Some manufacturers have their own proprietary tech that should do an even better job of cleaning your windshield, but those can be even more expensive.

How to Replace the Wipers on Ford Ranger?

Replacing the wipers on your Ford Ranger consists of few simple steps (applicable to all wipers):

  • For easier removal, turn your vehicle to “ON”, then turn the wipers and turn off the vehicle when they are in their most vertical position;
  • Pull the wipers up until they are held in place;
  • The wiper is held in place by a “U” shaped handle and a tiny clip. Push the clip and slide the blade downwards;
  • Pull until the blade completely comes off the handle and remove it carefully;
  • Slide the new wiper blade into the “U” shaped handle until it clicks in place.

Please note that this installation process is for the 2011 model year Ranger.