How to Replace Wipers on GMC Sierra with a Perfect Pair?

Not a lot of pickup trucks offer utility combined with luxury. Except for GMC’s trucks that is. Their Sierra model is undeniably capable when it comes to towing and hauling, but it can still massage its passengers with nicely appointed interior and excellent refinement.

But, even the most luxurious vehicle today is still driven by human beings, which makes wiper blades extremely important for safety on the road. Here you will learn everything there is to know about wiper blades for the GMC Sierra – dimensions, types and replacement guide.

GMC Sierra Wiper Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side Rear
2010 22″ 22″
2009 22″ 22″
2008 22″ 22″
2007 22″ 22″

What Size Windshield Wipers do I Need for GMC Sierra?

It is highly recommended that you replace the wiper blades on the GMC Sierra with a new pair with the same size. Sure, other dimensions may suit, but they won’t clean the windshield successfully. Also, be sure that the new wiper blades have the proper adapter for your vehicle.

A rather easy way to check how big the wiper blades on your Sierra are is by measuring them, but you can also check in the owner’s manual. The easiest way, considering you’re already here, is to check our website. We have information on the size of GMC Sierra wiper blades of every generation. Just be sure that you know the model year and you’re good to go.

Different Types of Wiper Blades

Buying new wiper blades is not as straightforward as it was before. Today there are a lot of different types and designs, some for all seasons, and some specialized for colder weather. In the following list you can have a look at the most popular wiper blade designs available on the market right now:

  • Frame-Style – most common type on the market, and the oldest altogether. These wiper blades offer very good performance and can successfully clean the windshield from water and other pollutants, such as dirt and bugs. They don’t work very good at higher speeds though;
  • Beam-Style – made from one piece of rubber or silicone, these wiper blades have an aerodynamic design that works better at highway speeds, and with things like road grime and snow. They are also more durable than frame-style blades, but also more expensive;
  • Winter wiper blades – best for freezing temperatures and when it’s heavily snowing;
  • Heated wiper blades – as expected, these are the best choice when it’s snowing or the temperatures are freezing. However, they are expensive and not as easy to install.
  • Some manufacturers equip their wiper blades with proprietary technologies and design, but those are even more expensive.

How to Replace the Wipers on GMC Sierra?

Replacing the wipers on the GMC Sierra is a very easy process – just follow these simple instructions:

  • For easier removal, turn your vehicle to “ON”, then turn the wipers and turn off the vehicle when they are in their most vertical position;
  • Pull the wipers up until they are held in place;
  • Press the button that sits on the top of the wiper arm and slide the wiper blade upwards;
  • Slide the new blade into the arm until it clicks.

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