Top 4 Ways To Prevent Your Windshield Wipers From Snow

Winter weather can always be interesting especially for people who love ice skating, snowboarding or even sledding on the ice tracks, but wait until you want to travel and your cannot even have a clear view on the road due to ice and snow formation on your windshield. You do all you can to clear the snow from the windscreen but takes no time to fill up again and again.This is the point when you realize that they was no fun at all in sporting in the winter weather. If you are wondering on the kind of tricks to consider to deal with the situation then this guide will be perfect for you as it tries to briefly discuss the various ways you would consider in protecting your windshield wipers from snow.

Below are some of the top ways on how to keep off snow from your windshield wipers

1. Defrosting the windshield wipers

Your car must have the defrosting feature and at this point, you definitely have to use it. You will have to spare some time to let the windshield and also the wipers warm up as the snow and ice melt down to give you a clear vied on the road. This could be the most effective way to handle the situation but you will have to be patient.

2. Use of wiper blade covers

When parking your car during the winter weather then you have to be careful in how you leave your windshield wipers. Ice and snow will easily form on the wipers when your car is not in any motion and you therefore need to use some blade covers to prevent the snow form up. You can make use of an old pair of socks or even some clothings just to make sure that the snow will not get in touch with the blades.

3. Make use of an heated windshield fluid

Usually, your car is packed with a wind shield water to clean the windshield. This fluid therefore can be heated using the car battery and hence making it easier to clean the ice or snow from the wipers. You need not to be afraid of any damages as the various manufactures have proved this particular method very effective.

4. Use some rubbing alcohol

This is a very simple procedure and it can as well be effective of you perfectly implemented it. All you need to do is to soak some piece of soft cloth in a rubbing cloth. You can then use the cloth to wipe your windshield wipers. However this trick is not used in most instances as it does not take long before the alcohol can evaporate. You need to know that you are not alone in this kind of a situation and you definitely need to do all you can to handle the situation.

Consider the above tips useful when trying to protect your wipers from snow. However, your safety comes first and you need to get new wipers if you do not succeed in getting the old ones in operation.

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