About Us

Wipersguide.com is a niche website with an extensive database of wiper sizes for all cars. Initially, the project covered mainly American cars, but over time, as the audience grew and interlaced, the focus began to shift towards all cars.

In our view, introducing a person to the world of good windshield wipers means helping people. Thanks to the site, many people have already learnt about the right fitment and saved time and money while shopping for wiper blades.

So, if you need information about car wipers, if you are interested in sharing all ideas, if you want to find new friends, just e-mail us.

One of our important tasks is to unite car owners into a single living community, to give the opportunity to express their opinions, listen to the opinions of others and just talk about anything.

This blog is about cars and everything related to them. Once you have come to this site, it means you are at least not indifferent to cars. It’s not for nothing that almost all men put cars in second place after girls!